Case study #3: Scarlett and Jimmy

Who are you and what do you do? 

I'm Jimmy, a psychology student and part time support worker and I’m Scarlett and I work in social care.

How many tattoos do you have? 

Jimmy: I currently have 29 tattoos and 9 piercings right now but I've taken a lot out over the years, the most I had at one time was 20.

Scarlett: I have 11 tattoos and 3 piercings and I plan on getting more in the future

We think you’re one of the cutest couples Rude Studios has ever met. How did you meet?  

Scarlett: We had mutual friends and there was a club night on in Leeds and we both got talking there. 

Where do you get inspiration for your tattoo designs? 

Jimmy: Oh so many places, mostly my life and things I like. Like right now my left arm is a lot about my life and tattoos I got to help me through depression and self harm. My chest tattoos are all lyrics from bands that are important to me and have helped me through tough times and have been part of milestones in my life. My right arm is a thing I'm doing where every Halloween I get a little Halloween themed tat because it's my favourite holiday, this year I'm getting vampire fangs. My feet are the logo of my favourite band (Against Me!) used on their posters on the first UK tour I saw them on. My right knee has "Gan" on it because Negan is my favourite walking dead character so I thought knee"gan" would be funny. 

What made you take that first step in getting a tattoo? 

Scarlett: I've always really loved the look of people who are heavily tattooed since I was very young, as soon as I was old enough I went and got a symbol from one of my favourite bands.  

All your tattoos and piercings have been done at Rude Studios - what made you choose Rude? 

Jimmy: I needed some advice about one of my cheek piercings and as I was walking by I noticed Rude Studios, so called in. While I was there waiting to talk to the piercer I saw someone being tattooed and it made me really want one so I impulse booked to get my upper arm done. I ended up getting my cheek piercings taken out that day and a tattoo a week later. So although my first time coming to Rude Studios was pure luck, my experiences with the staff and the quality of my new ink made me love the place and keep going back. Over time I've built up friendships with staff who really are wonderful people and I have gotten so many great piercings and tattoos. I couldn't recommend them any higher. Also they sell heavy gauge BCRs and Horseshoes at a good price and with how big my septum is it's honestly a blessing to just find them in stores and not have to go online. 

Scarlett: The reputation of Rude Studios was really good and I had a few friends who had been there including my boyfriend. My first experience of everyone there was really nice and friendly, and very professional.

What advice would you give to someone who's thinking of getting their first tattoo or piercing?

Jimmy: EAT!!! Honestly people really underestimate the importance of eating before a tattoo or piercing, I have a pretty good pain threshold and sit well for mods usually, like my ribs and feet tattoos were a breeze and my nipple piercings were nothing, but one of my leg tattoos, I hadn't eaten that day and nearly passed out when the needle touched my skin. Also don’t let someone buy a tattoo for you if they might not be in your life forever, you might have ink you completely adore but if it's associated with someone you really dislike later in life it can ruin it for you.

Scarlett: Make sure it's something that YOU really want, never get anything just because other people are and make sure the studio you choose is clean, licensed and has a good reputation.