Our Tattoo Artists in Leeds

Within our tattoo shops are some of the best tattoo artists in Leeds!! The tattoo artists at our shops in the City Centre and Headingley offer clients a variety of traditional and contemporary tattoo styles.

We strive to be original on every level of our artwork, studio atmosphere, and attitudes. Our tattoo artists maintain the sensitivity to understand each client’s desires to create a tattoo that is personal to them.

Why not reclaim your body & express your individuality?

Alexa (@alexa.archer.tattoo) creates work that is influenced by both a neo-traditional style of tattooing as well as contemporary illustration artists. With a focus on bold line work and bright colour, Alexa takes traditional tattooing motifs; organic forms, weaponry, skulls & animals, and incorporates her own illustrative style and dynamic composition ideas. She is also particularly interested in pop-culture inspired tattoos in addition to her love for more traditional themes.

Instagram: @alexa.archer.tattoo

Email: Alexa.archer.tattoo@gmail.com