These guidelines are based on a combination of vast professional experience, research and extensive clinical practice. This is not to be considered a substitute for medical advice from a doctor. If at any point you are concerned about your piercings contact the studio or our emergency 24hr help line number. If you feel it is serious contact your doctor.

This aftercare sheet is given as your written reminder of the advised aftercare for your new piercing.

Getting a new piercing involves breaking the skin surface so there is always potential risk for infection & scarring to occur afterwards.


Every time you touch your piercing, you introduce a multitude of germs and bacteria that are on your unwashed hands. This is probably the leading cause of infection! So, before you do anything with your new piercing, WASH YOUR HANDS!

Recommended aftercare products

Skin spritz             Neilmed                 Alcohol free mouthwash

FACIAL, EARS AND TORSO PIERCINGS (includes Dermal anchors)

Apply recommended aftercare to the piercing site, gently wipe round with cotton bud, or tissue/folded gauze. Pat dry with clean gauze/tissue, you should not rotate your jewellery at all, the less contact and less irritation, the better. Do this twice a day for at least four weeks, after that 3-4 times a week until healed.

Do not remove jewellery! Especially with new piercings, your body will immediately begin to close the hole. If you must remove the jewellery for a medical procedure, school, work, please contact us. We sell retainers and can provide advice for this process. With many piercings, the initial jewellery will be of a slightly larger length or diameter to allow for any swelling that may occur and to facilitate cleaning.

The average healing time for a new piercing is 3-6 months, this is estimated only, aftercare, your individual body, the environment you work in and live in can change this time considerably. Let your body be your guide and DO NOT RUSH IT!


Oral piercings include any lip, cheek, smiley, & tongue piercing.

Rinse once in the morning and once in the evening with alcohol free mouth wash, and twice a day with Skin spritz or Neilmed. After anything you eat, drink smoke, swill out with bottled water throughout the day. Avoid kissing, oral sex, spicy foods. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. With tongue piercing, this is known to swell a lot! To help reduce swelling; ice pops, ice cream, avoid alcohol & smoking. With oral piercings it is always important to have the correct fitted jewellery to minimise gum and teeth damage, please ensure you return to the studio in the recommend time advised by your piercer.

Genital piercings, clean with recommended aftercare, twice a day, very gently clean around area with a cotton bud or soaked gauze, no sexual intercourse or oral sex for the first 2-3 weeks!


A healthy immune system will aid in the healing process, so it is important to eat nutritiously, get lots of sleep, stay hydrated and practice overall good hygiene, including frequent hand washing.

Avoid pools, hot tubs, lakes, and beaches, etc, they contain either a great deal of bacteria or chemicals. If you opt to swim, wear a waterproof plaster or flush out and clean with our recommended aftercare.

Avoid chewing on fingernails, pencils, sunglasses, and other foreign objects that could harbour bacteria.


Sunbeds, sand, oils, lotions, excessive sun. Be careful of all contact with possible irritants such as phones, pillows, hair, cosmetics, brushes, towels, pet hair, animals etc....


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