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Semi-permanent makeup In leeds city centre

At our Tattoo and Piercing Shops in Leeds City Centre and Headingley, we offer a range of some of the most popular Semi-permanent make-up treatments on the market, including Microblading Lash Enhancement and Scar Coverage

Semi-permanent makeup has come on leaps in the last 10 years and can imitate perfectly applied cosmetics, with natural-looking results that can be as subtle or as dramatic as you want.With improved techniques and more natural pigments, the end results look more natural than ever.

If you want convenience, and that 'get up and go look'. With cosmetic tattooing you can essentially wake up with a full face of makeup.

See our range of Semi-permanent services that we offer at our studios in Leeds.

MICROBLADING Services in Leeds

We offer Microblading treatments at our Tattoo and Piercing Shops in Leeds City Centre and Headingley. Microblading is the technique of tattooing individually hair strokes making eyebrows look fuller by filling in gaps and sparse areas giving a more natural look.

How long does it last? Microblading is not like tattooing which involves the deep layer of the skin, this technique scratches the surface adding ink so it is not permanent but can last up to 18months. Pigments are designed to fade slowly over time so depending on how dark you want your pigment to be will depend on when you return to have your microblading re-done.


Semi-permanent eyeliner, or lash enhancement tattooing is the technique of placing pigment along the lash line. Depending on the individual and the look they are going for, this can be a thick or thin line on the top or bottom lash line. This technique of makeup can improve the overall contour and shape of the eye.

There are 3 types of semi-permanent eyeliner: lash enhancer, eyeliner and decorative eyeliner.

Lash enhancer, is the technique of small pigment dots between each of the natural eyelashes on both the top and bottom eyelid. This is a good technique for those people with fair or sparse eyelashes.

Eyeliner, pigment is applied to the top and bottom lash line in the form of a line. This gives a more dramatic look to the eye.

Decorative eyeliner or latino flick, a semi-permanent makeup technique that is for someone wanting a different look to the conventional eyeliner and gives a more dramatic look.

How long does it last? Eyeliner is not permanent and will need touching up in order to maintain its appearance, however it should remain between 12 -24 months.


The 90s harsh lip liner has evolved with a new form of lip tattooing in the form of a blush providing a sheer tint to the lips enhancing the natural colour and look of the lips giving the lips a fuller look without filler. This is done with a tiny mechanised needle which adds pigment into the lips gently adding layers of colour.

Lip Liner tattooing can enhance the overall shape, fullness and look of the lips that can be lost through aging. Giving the lips a natural plumped look.

How long does it last? You will initially need a few touch up sessions in order to get the look you are wanting, but once this is done the lip blush should last up to 12 months. This will depend on your lifestyle ie. Smoking and sun exposure may cause fading.


Scars wherever they are on the body can have a negative effect on someone’s confidence, but through semi -permanent makeup scars can be camouflaged by process of micropigmentation.

This is done by a hair fine needle that moves up and down depositing medical pigments and gradually building up layers of pigment on the scar tissue so that it matches the surrounding skin colour .Most scars can have this treatment, light scars can be darkened and dark scars can be lightened, the effect is very natural as texture and freckles etc can be added.

How long will it last? This type of treatment if not exposed to sunlight/sun beds can last a few years, even up to 8-10years in areas not exposed daily.  

Other semi-permanent make-up services offered

Our full range of Semi-permanent make-up services is below:
Powder effect 
Eye liner 
Latino flick 
Lip liner 
Full lip 
Lip blush 
Microblading: Eyebrows 
Natural hair stroke 
Para medical tattooing
Nipple and areole 
Hair loss
Scar coverage 
Scar camouflage
Cosmetic surgery scarring
Skin depigmentation
Pigmentation loss from scarring
Hair loss
Thinning hair,
Eyebrow, mustache , beard 

Who carries out your Micro-blading treatments?

Samantha Myers BA(Hons),MA. is an award winning make up artist and has worked in the TV & film industry since 2004, she has published work in, Notion, Flux, Twist, Marie Claire,Practical photography (to name a few).Samantha was trained IN SEMI PERMANENT MAKE UP AT THE DEMACE Training Academy.

Her work speaks for itself, attention to detail, natural artistic flare, beautifully executed everytime. A true professional, who loves what she does. Samantha is permanently based at her purpose built state of the art clinic, at Rude studios , Headingley, making her constantly available to her clients as and when they need her.

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