5 Things to Consider When Getting a New Tattoo

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5 Things to Consider When Getting a New Tattoo

Rude Studio Tattoo and Piercing founder Sam Myers from Leeds, United Kingdom covers some of the key decisions to consider when getting a new tattoo.

Getting a Tattoo is a big commitment! Whether it is your first time, or you are a regular in the local tattoo studio. Keep the mindset that your new artwork is for life and taking the time to make informed decisions will ultimately lead to you being happier long term with any new tattoo.

Why do you want a tattoo?

There are many reasons you might decide to get your first tattoo or add to existing pieces. A tattoo can be used to remember a moment in life, an expression of one’s personality, to feel self-empowered, a memento to a special person, or simply because you appreciate good art.

Tattoos have certainly become more socially acceptable within the workplace and in society over the last few decades, with pop culture influencing different styles throughout the decades. Think George Clooney in ‘From Dusk Til Dawn’ with his impressively large tribal tattoo, or David Beckham’s various tattoos.

These outside influences can sometimes lead to Impulsive or snap decisions could potentially leave you with a tattoo that is not truly representative of your personality further down the line. Depending on what type of tattoo you have chosen, tattoo removal can be an expensive and time-consuming process with varied results. It is best to get the process right first time by researching what you want and using a reputable tattoo studio and artist capable of meeting your expectations.

What style of tattoo do you want?

Having a custom tattoo ensures that your piece of art is unique to you and your personality. While it is perfectly fine to have a stock tattoo, nothing beats the enjoyment of working with a skilled tattooist and creating something truly unique in a style that you want.

Some of the more popular styles you will be used to seeing are realism, watercolour, hand poke, new school, Japanese and Chicano. Some styles focus on bold lines with bright colours, others are so intricate and lifelike they seem surreal.

Research your preferred style of tattoo for inspiration and try to find a tattoo artist and studio that specialise in a style you want from the get-go.

Choosing a Tattoo artist and Studio in Leeds

Choosing an artist and a studio

Being tattooed is a surgical process requiring hygienic equipment, a clean environment, and professional skill. Always make sure that the studio or artist carrying out your tattoo are registered with your local authority health department and carry a health and safety certificate that is clearly displayed or available to see. Do not be afraid to ask for information around compliance and to confirm any doubts around insurance, safety, or professional training.

Tattoo studios and artists have a duty of care for not only upkeeping personal safety, but to ensure any hazardous waste is disposed of in the most considerate manor. Ask any potential studio or artist on their tattooing and waste disposal process for further peace of mind.

Tattoo artist in Leeds

Aftercare and ageing

Tattoos age the same as our body does and keeping to a good routine will definitely help your new tattoo look its best for years to come. Having a tattoo on an area of the skin that is prone to stretching (stomach), rubbed a lot (elbows) or exposed to sunlight (hands) can affect the longevity of your new tattoo look without proper aftercare.

Your tattoo artist or studio should give you the best advice possible once your sitting is complete. Keeping that new tattoo looking fresh starts from the moment you leave the studio and by using aftercare products that contain the best ingredients for your skin.

We always recommend products with natural ingredients such as Skin Aftercare (link) who’s products contain only eco preservatives, aromatic waters, and are 100% vegan.

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