How is the treatment carried out?

All our practitioners have many years experience of laser tattoo removal.  In the initial consultation, they will take a medical history to ensure that the individual is suitable for treatment and they will also explain in depth the treatment process, potential side effects and the likely number of treatments that will be required.  A test patch will also be done along with the Fitzpatrick skin type calculator. You will need to wait a 48hrs for results before booking in to start your treatment.

On your visit with us you will be taken into the laser clinic and asked to sit or lie comfortably on the studio couch. The area to be treated will be cleaned and dried. Your laser technician will give you protective goggles to wear and talk you through the process and make you feel at ease and as comfortable as possible throughout your treatment. Each treatment can take between 20 -40 minutes.  At the end of the treatment the area will be covered with a dressing and full aftercare instructions will be given verbally and in written form.

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