The correct aftercare is imperative to keeping your new body piercing infection free and enabling a quick healing process. Always consult with your chosen studio and consider the pros / cons of the piercing you are considering. All our Rude Studios locations in Leeds carry out professional piercing services and offer aftercare advice to clients.


You might not initially think that aftercare starts before the process itself, but choosing a reputable studio with exceptional hygiene standards, and highly qualified piercing professionals is the basis for ensuring the initial process is carried out safely. Never carry out your own piercings or allow someone that is non-qualified to attempt a piercing.

Ensuring your chosen studio has fully trained piercers, is government health registered, and carries out autoclave sterilisation is the best start to achieving a sterile piercing.


After your piercing you will need to clean the site regularly with cool salty water, or NeilMed saline solution at a minimum. But It is always recommended to use an aftercare product that is specifically made for the purpose of assisting and speeding up the healing process of a piercing.

Each person is different, and we may all experience different healing times, so in general we would advise on the following as a basis for your aftercare.

Always wash your hands and dry them before touching your piercing.
Clean piercings twice a day only.
Use flake free paper towels to dry the area after cleaning.
Oral piercings to be cleaned using salt water once in the morning and once at night. With alcohol free mouth wash once a day.
Leave the piercing in place during the entire healing process.
Avoid using any garments or accessories that put pressure on your piercing site.
Take care eating if your piercing is in your mouth, lip, or your cheek.
Contact your piercing studio if you suspect any problems with the healing process.
For oral piercings, after eating, drinking, or smoking. Swill your mouth out with bottled water.


Upkeeping the cleanliness of your piercing site will give you the best chance of avoiding any type of swelling or infection. Make sure you speak to the studio that have carried out your piercing if you have any questions or concerns. A good piercing studio will always offer aftercare advice to their clients.

Your piercing site will often dictate what should be avoided until your piercing site is fully healed. There are some recommendations that our piercers are Rude Studios in Leeds would give.

Avoid the use of cotton wool to clean any open wounds
Resist the urge to scratch any itches, or peel any areas that are scabbing
Abstain from any sexual activity that could cause irritation to a genital or oral piercing site.
Avoid using products that could cause dryness of the skin near your piercing
Do not expose your piercing to areas that could be considered unhygienic
Avoid exposing your piercing site to intense UV light such as when sunbathing.
Avoid spicy and overly seasoned foods if you have an oral piercing
Try not to Share cutlery and glasses
Avoid, or cut down smoking, this is known to increase healing times.
Do not submerge your piercing in bath water for extended periods.
Do not twist jewellery when cleaning, just gently clean around the pierced area