Tattoo Aftercare – Advice From our Tattoo Artists in Leeds.

Tattoo aftercare and advice from our tattoo artists - You should treat your tattoo for exactly what it is – damage to your skin. In all essence your tattoo is a wound, and that wound will need time to heel in the most hygienic way possible. While we can do our best to tattoo you in a safe and sterile environment at our Headingley and Leeds City Centre tattoo studios. Once you leave it will be down to your judgement on how best to care for your new tattoo. Aftercare is important for helping your tattoo heal and look as good as it should. A poor aftercare routine could degrade the end results, and no one wants that! The tattoo artists at our tattoo studios in Leeds city centre and Headingley will give you the best advice possible regarding aftercare, and specifically for your new tattoo.

What Tattoo Aftercare Products Can I Use?

We highly recommend using aftercare products that have been specifically made for the tattooing industry. These products take into consideration factors that encourage tattoo healing, while helping to keep that ‘New Tattoo Look’ for longer periods. All our studios stock tattoo and piercing aftercare products from Skin Aftercare. We recommend their Tattoo Healing Balm for the simple reason that we have seen great results using it. All their products are made from 100% natural ingredients, and they are a local business right here in Leeds.

How do I look After a New Tattoo Once I leave The Studio?

Once your tattoo artist has completed the sitting, the tattooed area will be covered, and you will be advised how long you should keep this on for. Make sure you take the advice of the tattoo artist to give your new tattoo the best chance of healing without issue. Tattoos can take up to a month to heal depending on the size and location with most of the scabbing taking place within the first few days.

1 – Once your sitting has finished your tattoo artist will cover the tattoo with cling film and advise how long you should leave this on for after leaving the tattoo studio. Cling film helps to keep the tattoo moist, kick starts the healing process, and stops your tattoo from drying out. This is sometimes kept on for extended periods of hours depending on the size and placement of the tattoo. Your tattoo artist will advise how long you should keep the cling film on for.

2 – Expect there to be a build-up of inky goo under the cling film over the coming hours. This is perfectly normal and will be the first thing that you have to tackle when you are able to remove any cling film. You will have a chance to remove this the first time you are able to wash your tattoo.

3 –Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly before starting this process. If possible, with anti-bacterial handwash and drying on a clean surface.

4 - Using just lukewarm water, wash the area of the tattoo using as little hand to skin interaction as possible. Try to encourage the falling water to wash off any dried ink and goo that has leaked out of the tattooed area. Once all the debris has gone, allow the area to dry naturally. Avoid using a towel or any material that could irritate the area of leave debris behind.

5 – You can now use any aftercare products you have been recommended or may have already purchased. Choosing a good aftercare product that contains as many natural ingredients can help improve the overall healing process. You will want to apply this throughout the day to stop the tattooed area becoming dry and itchy.

6- You will not need to cover the tattoo again with clingfilm, from here on your new tattoo will be open to the elements and keeping things clean will greatly reduce the risk of any mishaps through the healing process.

7 – You will need to wash the area up to several times a day at first to remove any debris that builds up and to stop the area drying out. The cleaner the area, the better the healing process.

8 – The area will start to scab and become itchy, especially if it is left to go dry. Always keep your aftercare products to hand, stick to your aftercare routine, and apply when necessary.

9 – Contact any of the Rude Tattoo studios in Leeds City Centre, or Headingley if you have concerns. Staff will be happy to give you any additional aftercare advice needed.

It is a common request to have a tattoo site laser treated and a cover up tattoo in the same area. Once a tattoo has been removed or lightened it is possible to tattoo the area again.

What Should I Avoid Doing with a New Tattoo?

Depending on the size and placement of your tattoo, making some adjustments to the clothes you wear, routines and social life will be necessary for a few days, to get results that will keep your tattoo looking good for many years.

1 – Do not pick the scabs!! As tempting as it is, they are part of the heeling process. Pulling them off could end up damaging the skin and leaving areas of your tattoo looking less vibrant.

2 – Avoid any physical sports and activities that could cause strain or impacts the tattooed area. You will also want to avoid submerging your tattoo in water for considerable periods, so swimming and baths should be avoided.

3 – New tattoos can leak considerably for the first few days and will stain clothes, bedding, sofas and anything else that the tattooed area meets for any length of time. Use your old bedsheets and wear clothes that you will not mind getting stained. You should also consider wearing looser clothing around the site of your new tattoo to reduce the chance of rubbing and irritations.

4 – Do not over apply aftercare products, your tattoo artist will advise you on the amount you should be applying.

5 – Avoid exposing a new tattoo to the sun and any UV lights. If you are going away on a beach holiday, it might be better to wait until you return before getting your new tattoo. Or giving your new tattoo at least 1 month to heal before departure.

Should I use tattoo Aftercare products permanently?

Keeping your tattoos well moisturised is a useful routine to get into. Your tattoo is now a part of your body, and as with your body it will begin to age accordingly. Tattoos will begin to look dull over time and eventually you may want to consider seeing one of our tattoo artists to give it a revamp. Using a good moisturiser or products specifically made for the tattoo industry will certainly give you the best chance of keeping your tattoo looking bright and fresh.