Top 5 body piercings we offer at our piercing shops in leeds

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Top 5 body piercings we offer at our piercing shops in leeds
Body piercings have been a huge trend in 2020 with more people than ever wanting to change up their look and be creative with. There has been a lot of stacking, layering and clustering of piercings. Although the ear lobe piercing is still the number one piercing, there are a few other body piercings that are trending. Here are the top 5 piercings seen this year and just some we offer at our piercing shops in Leeds.


The piercing most teenage girls use to threaten their parents they would get just to annoy them and a huge trend in the 1990s thanks to pop icons like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera sporting one. It did however see a dip in popularity in the 2000s, but has since seen a resurgence in recent years. This piercing is very popular amongst the younger generation and is one of the least painful piercings to get. It a great piercing if you work somewhere that requires a more conventional look as most of the time it is hidden under your clothing. Another positive of this piercing is it is relatively painless as around the navel around is fleshy rather than cartilage and therefore hurts less.

How long does it take to heal: Initially the navel piercing will look like it had healed after a few weeks, however that does not mean it has healed internally. It can take between 3 and 6 months for your navel piercing to heal completely and this will depend on your aftercare process.

Price: £30

Nose Piercings  

After the traditional ear lobe, the nose is the 2nd most popular piercing carried out in piercing shops. Nose piercings have moved on in the last 10 years with more types than just your standard cartilage piercing. Now the septum is hugely popular and this trend has been seen on many a celeb like Zoe Kravitz. The bridge and third eye are also areas gaining popularity. The best thing about the nose piercing is that its quite understated and you can hide it or remove it if you are needing a more conventional look.  

How long does it take to heal:  The healing process of any piercing depends on the individual, as everyone heals differently, in general it will take 6-8 weeks for a nose piercing to heal. This healing time will depend on whether you are using the appropriate aftercare, here at Rude Studios we use Skin Aftercare Spritz on all our piercings which will help in supporting the healing process. If you have any complications like an infection this could prolong the healing process. We recommend you use an aftercare product that is specifically made for piercings.  


£25 – nose  

£30 – high nostril (for 1) £55 (for 2) 

£30 – septum 

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The Nipple piercing has been trending the last few years and has seen a resurgence thanks to the likes of Kendall Jenner sporting the look. It did use to have a bad reputation as being tacky with people turning their nose up at the idea. However now it is cool to have a nipple piercing and can help enhance your assets. The obvious reaction to a nipple piercing is that cringing face of pain, as it is a sensitive area. There is no denying, like most body piercings, it isn’t pain-free, but the amount of pain is short lived and will depend on the individuals pain threshold. Nipple piercings are generally pierced horizontally this is just the most popular look people go for, but they can be diagonal and vertical too. This piercing is also just as popular with men as it is women.

How long does it take to heal:  It will take around 3-6 months to heal, ensuring that you have followed all the aftercare treatment recommended by your piercer.

Price: £30 (for 1) £55 (for2)


Eyebrow piercings are just as popular amongst men as women, and are one of the most common facial piercing. Before getting an eyebrow piercing you must take time to consider the piercing and make sure it is something you definitely want, as this type of piercing will leave scarring if you change your mind. The most common eyebrow piercing position is the outside corner of the eye and can be a single or double piercing. There is also the horizontal eyebrow piercing usually placed to the outside corner of the eye.

How long does it take to heal: It can take anything between 10-12 weeks, some people may heal much quicker but this will depend on your lifestyle and how your body generally heals as this is individual. Helping your piercing heal with a great aftercare regime will increase your healing time.

Price: £30


The Tongue piercing tends to be more popular amongst men than women. There are two types of tongue piercings; the most popular is the midline tongue piercing which is situated in the middle of the tongue and then there is the side tongue piercing located to either the right or left hand side of the tongue. Where your tongue piercing is situated can be down to where the veins in your tongue are located and therefore you may not be able to get a piercing in the centre of the tongue.

How long does it take to heal: It is the piercing with the quickest healing time of between 4 and 6 weeks. However, this is just an estimate and the process of healing is individual to a person. As the tongue is the fasting healing part of the body this can be a negative for a piercing in that taking your tongue bar out for even a few hours the piercing site can heal. Therefore, it is advised to keep your jewellery in if you want to keep your piercing.

Price: £40

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