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The Rude Body Piercing studio in Headingley is the definition of the modern Body Piercing Studio. Built around the industries leading piercing and sterilising technology, the studio offers a complete range of body piercing, stretching and implant services in an ultra modern, hygeinic environment. With an emphasis on safe, accurate and creative piercing. Rude Body Piercing studio will without doubt signal a new direction for body piercing facilities in the UK.

With a diverse range of body modification services, the focus at Rude is to introduce high quality, competitively priced piercing, to a wide audience whilst gauranteeing each cutomer a high level of comfort, service and satisfaction that derives from a genuine desire to be the very best in the industry. The aim is to provide all customers with an informative, efficient and comfortable experience.

Award winning make-up artist & celebrity body piercer Sam Myers BA (HONS) has over 12 years of professional experience and specialises in advanced and creative piercing techniques. Sam has had the pleasure of piercing celebrities such as; The Kaiser Chiefs, Sugar Babes and Emmerdale and Hollyoaks cast members. Sam is a specialist in genital and surface piercings and has taught advanced body piercing for over 7 years. Sam was trained in 1997 by Anna Kai MD, and has advanced certification in body piercing, Sam also gained a BA (HONS) in Media and SFX make-up, majoring in body modification. Having been trained by a medical professional Sam will instil an unparalleled standard of safety and hygeine.

Rude Studios is government Health Registered:
Fully Trained Piercers
Private Piercing Room
Autoclave Sterilisation

So drop in to the Studio or get in touch with us to make an appointment. 

Rude studios is constantly researching and keeping up to date with guidelines and healthcare within the industry. Striving to be the very best and provide outstanding service to our customers. This is why we are the first studio in Great Britain to hold “ sharps safety awareness certificate”.

With the pending implementation of the EU Directive to prevent injuries and infections to healthcare workers from sharp objects.

On the 10th May 2010 a Directive was introduced to prevent injuries and blood-borne infections to hospital and healthcare workers from sharp instruments such as needles.

The Directive is published in the Official Journal of the European Union. Member states, including the UK, will have until 11th May 2013 to ensure that the provisions of the Directive have been implemented into national legislation. 

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