Where are your tattoo shops in Leeds city centre?

We have 3 state of the art, purpose-built, tattoo and piercing studios in Leeds City Centre at The Merrion Centre, on Vicar Lane, and our flagship tattoo studio located in the centre of Headingley. We Pride ourselves on providing clients with a safe and comfortable environment while ensuring a unique and intimate experience.

What style tattoos can I have?

The artists at our tattoo studios in the City Centre and Headingley are apprentice trained, custom tattoo artists that can offer clients a variety of traditional and contemporary tattoo styles. We strive to be original on every level of our artwork, studio atmosphere, and attitudes. Our tattoo artists in Leeds maintain the sensitivity to understand each client’s desires to create a tattoo that is personal to them. Why not reclaim your body & express your individuality?

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What happens at my first appointment with a tattoo artist?

Clients considering a tattoo first get a complimentary consultation with a tattoo artist who will help work your ideas and concepts to reality in the form of a new tattoo. We encourage our clients to bring any rough sketches, photos, or other reference which will help communicate your ideas to the tattoo artist of your choice.

All the artwork on this site is the product of the talented artists at our 3 Tattoo and piercing shops in Leeds. Our tattoo artists focus on the art of custom tattooing. Tattoo artists at Rude Studios have acquired tremendous expertise through their many years of practice in the field. Their custom tattoo designs are testimony to a commitment to pursue excellence in their art form. 

For those opting for a more traditional approach to their tattoo, we have thousands of ready-made tattoo designs, or "flash" on hand for you to choose from which include all manner of imagery and size. These can be useful for clients who don't have time to wait for a custom tattoo design to be prepared, or for someone who needs to quickly satisfy that infamous all-consuming urge to get tattooed!

Call us today for details on how to begin the process of creating your very own custom tattoo.

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How safe is it getting a tattoo at your shop?

We take pride that all our tattoo studios in Leeds City Centre and Headingley have a reputation for strict sterile conditions. When having a session at one of our tattoo studios, you can be satisfied that we use the most up to date methods of protecting our clients' safety.

All needles are single use only, and ready sterilised in a sealed pouch. The needles remain in the protective pouch until we open them in front of you in preparation for your new tattoo. We dispose of any needles in a special puncture proof "sharps container" where they remain until ready for incineration.

Any work areas, spray bottles, power knobs or tattoo machines are covered with plastic or latex "barrier control" ensuring any surface that have come in contact with your blood can be properly disposed of. Latex gloves protect the hands of the artist. At Rude Tattoo Studios your safety is out number 1 priority!

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