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Body Piercing Courses – Level 2

3 day course in Body Piercing Course.

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This course deals with the various types of body piercings and placements above the waist, hygiene and sterilization, use of equipment and instruments, materials, jewellery and various grades.

This body piercing course in Leeds is for students who have completed level 1 or for trained body piercers wishing to be competent with all body sites and techniques and work at a higher level. 
THEORY includes sterilization/cross contamination issues, using bio-plastics, pain & blood reduction, shared client and business concepts and updates from the industry.

PRACTICAL includes complex and multiple piercing and Male and Female Genital piercing.

Completion of the level 2 course will provide students with a clear working knowledge and understanding of advanced body piercing and the body piercing industry as well as a wide range of new practical skills and techniques. They will receive a certificate to validate attendance and the level achieved.

Level 1

PRICE £1800 4-5 day course in Body Piercing'

level 2

Price £900 3 day course in Body Piercing Course

level 3

Price £700 1-2 day course in Body Piercing Course